China construction machinery market development: after newcomers can chase

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In may, the excavator fresh data. According to investigation of China engineering machinery trade network, in May, the national 27 main excavator production enterprise excavator sales total of 5487 units. Although the overall sales year-on-year still fell from a year earlier, but decline year by year.


In may, sales of drivers, sany heavy industry is still ranked first, become the only company sales of more than one thousand enterprises. Sany little dig, dig is still in a single product sales champion.

Homebred brand dominance

Brand sales in May in the top eight, Japan and South Korea brand share increase, but the total number of domestic brand sales are still far ahead. European and American brands only caterpillar.

From the point of overall sales, domestic brands of dominance, share reached 51.76%, 30.02%, Japan and South Korea brand share in Europe and America brand accounted for 18.22%.

Little obvious advantages

In may, 13 tons and below small excavator sales to 2775 units, accounting for more than 50.57%; 13 tons to 30 tons of medium-sized excavator sales to 2094 units, accounted for 38.16%, more than 30 tons of large excavator sales of 618 units, accounting for 11.26% of the total sales, small advantages is obvious.

Nearly 500 sets of sales sany has small digging up the top of the list of the sales, accounting for 16.79% of the small dig sales in May. In the side, still is trinity in the first place.

Regional rankings stable Exports concentrated the African market

From the regional sales ranking, in May, in the top 355 in the regional sales in shandong. Jiangsu, yunnan, respectively the second and the third, the top three ranking with exactly the same in April. In the top eight area as well as sichuan, hubei, guizhou, guangxi, anhui and other places, the regional sales ranking basically stable.

From import and export of excavator, excavator exports in May and April 2016, compared with 2015 in May, more than 100 units. In may, according to relevant data, the excavator exports mainly aimed at the market is in Africa. For now, China is the first largest trading partner in Africa, Africa is the emerging Chinese enterprises overseas investment destination.

Industry will stabilize rebound

In May 2016 in 29 main excavator production enterprise excavators have already been sold 33006 units. Following China's excavator sales strong rebound in March, after excavator fell again in April, may, is to return to the new normal.

China construction machinery industry association secretary-general Su Zimeng said, whether it is a newly issued "major transport infrastructure project construction action plan for three years, or" area "strategy continues to promote the international cooperation capacity, are constantly bring new opportunities for construction machinery enterprises. In addition, the production capacity and inventory, deleveraging, cost reduction and short supply of the "three to one drop one filling" side under the reform, under the push of a variety of good, in 2017, the construction machinery industry will stabilize rebound.