2015-2020, China's construction machinery industry market research and development prospect forecast

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In recent years, the domestic construction machinery market weakness, on the one hand, excess capacity is due to the machine factory, on the other hand is due to serious atrophy of mining, the real estate industry. According to a 2015-2020 China construction machinery industry market research and development prospect forecast report, according to China's construction machinery industry this situation will continue for 3 to 5 years. Excavators, for example, from 2001 to 2011, the Chinese market of excavator development has experienced a golden decade, compound growth rate of more than 30%. But, because of the quick buck industry, frantically capacity expansion, caused the imbalance of supply and demand. According to the British Off - Highway Research data, at present China's excavator production capacity is 538000 sets, far more than the demand of the global market. Manufacturers can only take radical reduction, to reduce the down payment and credit sales to reduce the threshold, in order to sell more equipment.

Markets, however, the real demand does not depend on the manufacturer's production capacity, short-term prosperity is only brought by the four trillion economic stimulus cash advance the future demand, through a variety of promotions in a wide range of designs made in "artificial bull market" and not for a long time, break the balance of supply and demand will only to manufacturers, agents, Banks, and users have serious financial risk. When the market's far more than the market demand, decreases in the rate of return on investment of equipment will directly affect the customer's ability to repay, caused the agent claims to increase, credit sale risks.

The pursuit of high profits destroyed the ecological environment of the industry, the end result is hurt every one in the industry: manufacturers, agents and users. 10 years, excavator manufacturers offering a "zero down payment, with old change new, three years half price recovery, free lifetime warranty," "innovation" marketing strategies, such as rarely seriously evaluate the risks of such radical approach to the agent and damage.

China's economic growth rate has just dropped to 7%, construction machinery industry will feel the winter cold, but the growth rate for the western developed countries is a kind of hope, in fact, sales in China is still more than 2015 occupied the world's largest engineering machinery market in North America. Why foreign engineering machinery enterprises under the environment of less than 2% of economic growth are still able to survival and development, and in 7% of economic growth environment is difficult for us to survive? The cause of the current crisis is not a development speed slow, but we break the ecological balance of the construction machinery market, just like we used to destroy the fishery and forest resources. We not only have no reason to invest a large amount of surplus production capacity, has chosen the radical credit sales model, when markets fell even put blocks of low price to sell to the aftermarket parts assembly, also foolishly shout the slogan of "lifetime warranty" free, after killing the engineering machinery market!